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About Us

Keebali Media acquires successful websites and brings to bear the company’s know-how,
technology and infrastructure to take these to the next level.

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Who We Are

Keebali Media is an Israeli company, co-founded by Alan Weisleder & Aviv Eliezer in 2007, with Shai Beilis as Chairman.

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What We Do

At Keebali Media we acquire successful websites that we believe we can turn into even greater successes. Since 2007 Keebali Media has been acquiring websites and growing these by bringing to bear the company’s expertise in SEO, Community Development, Monetization, Social Media and Web Development.

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Website Owners

Keebali Media is continually seeking to grow its portfolio of web properties.  If you own a website and you would like to explore the possibility of partnering with us to take it to the next level – Please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you with an offer.

Our Work

About half our transactions are straight buy-outs with the other half being partnerships between us and the founder of the site, which remains involved post-acquisition and enjoys a share in the future revenues of the site.

Our Team

Shai Beilis


Aviv Eliezer



Hakfar Hayarok

Ramat Hasharon 47800



Phone: +972 3 644 8774

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